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Engineering: Engineering Manager – Army Marine (Hydrographic SPO, CASG)


4FE is sub-contracted under the CAS-SS Panel to provide a senior engineering resource to act in the role of Engineering Manager for Army Marine (EM-AM) in Hydrographic SPO of CASG. The EM-AM works directly within Army Marine and is required to exercise technical delegation in the approval and management of Engineering Changes and technical products associated with Army’s watercraft and related equipment. It is also expected that this resource provides engineering advice to the technical and operational/executive hierarchy as well as provide mentoring of less experienced engineers posted into the program. It is also the case that working in the Army Marine presents unique challenges as Land, Navy and Seaworthiness regulatory frameworks are in play. In addition to day to day tasking and reporting, the EM-AM is responsible for the following:

  • Manage the Engineering Change Program (primarily within CMT-L)
  • Progression/Sign off of Individual ECs
  • Review and approval of Technical and ILS Publications (EMEI, CES, RPIL, UHB)
  • Contribute to/manage development of Safety Case Reports/Technical Risk Assessments
  • Manage Design Acceptance of Legacy Equipment (DALE) program
  • Supporting strategic engineering items (ag RADHAZ policy and testing, Stability Program, Safe to Fire Zones & re-qualification, Weight management program for key watercraft, Systems Safety Working Groups and Safety Case Management, Watercraft Noise testing and policy etc).
  • Support to significant projects (SF ADRHIB and Trailer refurbishment, Install of military communication packages on watercraft, LCM8 and LARC V replacement project)
  • Cover SO3 Engineer’s responsibilities during extended period of absence (management of technical advisors, management of RODUMs and MEAData, etc)


3D CAD Modelling & Drawings: Legacy Tooling for Army Watercraft (Hydrographic SPO, CASG)


3D CAD models and associated drawings were developed by 4FE for a range of bespoke/craft specific tools that are in use on Army Watercraft. Many of these tools had been developed by competent craft engineers over the years of service there was little to no documentation to support control/management or replacement of these items. Some of these tools include:

  • LCM8 Capstan Tools (long and short)
  • LCM8 Propeller Shaft Locking Tool
  • LCM8 Propeller Pulling Tool
  • SF ADRHIB Waterjet Nut Tool
  • SF ADRHIB Waterjet Seal Tool
  • SF ADRHIB Raw Water Impeller Tool


4FE developed 3D CAD models of the tools using photographs and rough dimensioned sketches. The models were used to develop drawings for each tool that was used then used to validate the model/design prior. Final drawings (and the associated CAD models) were then provided to Defence to enable codification of the tools so that appropriate approval for use, stocktaking procedures and replacement policies could be implemented.


ILS: ILS and Training Components of the Infantry Footbridge Project (RPC Technologies/IMI Systems)

4FE was engaged by IMI Systems through RPC Technologies for development of the ILS and training products for IMI Systems’ Infantry Footbridge System for delivery to Defence under Project Land 155. In addition to developing Def(AUST)5629B compliant ILS products, 4FE worked with a training subcontractor specialising in Defence training requirements to deliver the required training products and pilot training. The ILS/training products and services delivered by 4FE under this project included:


  • Suite of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Instructions (EMEIs):

o Data Summary EMEI

o Light Grade Repair EMEI

o Equipment Inspection and Examination EMEI

  • User Handbook (UHB)
  • Repair Parts Illustrative List (RPIL)
  • Illustrations to support RPIL (numbered parts in exploded view)
  • Complete Equipment Schedule List (CESL) and supporting images


  • Operator Training Management Package (TMP) and products (analysis, design and development)
  • Maintainer TMP and products (analysis, design and development)
  • Delivery of Operator Pilot Training
  • Delivery of Maintainer Pilot Training
  • Revision of Operator and Maintainer TMPs following delivery of Pilot Training


Prototyping: Antenna Spacers for Army Watercraft (Battlespace Communications Operations Group, CASG)


4FE manufactured a range of antenna spacers/risers in support of a BCOG project to install military communications equipment on a specialised watercraft. The BOCG provided riser CAD files were converted to g-code files through our slicing software before being 3D printed in a range of colours using PLA filament. The plastic risers were then bolted to the watercraft to verify the form and fit of the designs as well as to determine clearances between critical elements on the craft and any effect on overall craft profile with antennas mounted. This work enabled BCOG technical staff to quickly visualise the impacts of their antenna riser designs on the watercraft and make necessary changes to the design prior to commencing production. This approach also enabled BCOG to glean agreement from the certification agency and avoid lead times associated with traditional manufacture of the risers and associated items


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