Rapid Prototyping / Manufacture

4FE offers prototype/manufacturing services for either 4FE developed or client supplied designs.

As an extension to it’s engineering design, CAD modelling and drafting services, 4FE offers prototype/manufacturing services for either 4FE developed or client supplied designs. This has proven to be an effective way in which to quickly (and inexpensively) validate a design (or series of designs) prior to baselining the design for full/ongoing production. This service is offered to many clients as a logical step or risk mitigation activity in the overarching design process and can be used to simply verify the form and fit of the item using a convenient material or additionally verifying the function and performance of the item when manufactured using end-state materials.


The ability of 4FE to quickly manufacture and test prototypes has proven useful to clients who are on tight timelines for the given project, or where a low-cost sample is required prior to further commitment by the business/project. The benefit of this rapid prototyping and testing is amplified in projects where 4FE is engaged to manage/complete the design as results of the testing (eg minor dimension changes to improve coverage/interfaces) can be directly incorporated in the CAD model/design resulting in a quick design/test/adapt cycle which reduces the overall design time.


In addition to our inhouse 3D printing and manufacturing capabilities, 4FE also has a network of trusted companies that can provide more specialised manufacturing capabilities eg high alloy metals and composite components. Having established relationships with these companies means that 4FE can initiate and manage manufacture of products that require niche materials or techniques in timelines that meet our client’s requirements.


Following manufacture of the prototype/s and validation of the design, 4FE is able to supply further quantities of the proven item or support the client in sourcing a more suitable supplier for large scale production.


An example of a recent project where 4FE provided prototyping services can be found on the Recent Projects page on this website.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our staff if you would like more information or if you have specialised prototyping/ manufacturing requirements where 4FE may be able to assist - whether this be a direct engagement or via a relevant industry panel of which 4FE is a member (eg DSS-Panel).

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