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4FE provides 3D CAD modelling and drafting services for clients on small to medium scale projects.

4FE provides 3D CAD modelling and drafting services for clients on small to medium scale projects. Whilst this service can be provided in client specific software, more typically 4FE uses it’s inhouse CAD software (Autodesk Inventor) and then provides the outputs in both native and generic (e.g. step files) for client use.


4FE is able to develop engineering drawing packs from client 3D models or from scratch in order to meet the specific needs of the client/project. This can be as simple as single drawing for a bracket or drawing showing installation details to a drawing package that includes many components with sub-assembly and main assembly drawings. Where required, these drawings can be created within a client’s drawing template to give a consistent feel and approach for equipment that they manufacture/ manage.


Further to this, 4FE is able to use existing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) 3D CAD models to develop illustrations, graphics or animations that meet end client specific user, maintainer and training publication requirements. 4FE has a proven track record in working with OEMs to develop graphics/ publications that meet very specific end client formatting requirements (eg exploded parts views) – to the satisfaction of the OEM, supplier and end client.


Where helpful, 4FE is also able to export 3D CAD models as STL and DXF files in support of 3D printing and profile cutting (eg laser cutting) of components.


An example of a recent project where 4FE provided CAD and Drafting services can be found on the Recent Projects page on this website.


Please don’t hesitate to contact our staff if you would like more information or if you have specialised CAD Modelling, drafting or graphics requirements where 4FE may be able to assist - whether this be a direct engagement or via a relevant industry panel of which 4FE is a member (eg DSS-Panel).


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